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Version: 3.x

June '22

ink! smart contracts in production on Kusama 🎉

The Astar team announced at the Polkadot Decoded conference that the pallet-contracts is now enabled on the Shiden parachain on Kusama.

This means you can deploy your ink! contracts to production on this parachain!

See the Polkadot Decoded talk by Astar CTO Hoon Kim here or the accompanying blog post.

Developer Survey 📓

We're curious to learn more about you! If you have a few minutes to spare and would like to tell us about your experience learning about and developing smart contracts we'd very much appreciate that ❤️.

Open Positions 💼

We are hiring!

Check out this page for more details: Rust Developer ‒ ink! Smart Contracts.

Workshops & Talks 🎤

Hernando gave an introductory workshop for ink!: Polkadot Hackathon: North America - Introduction to ink!.

For the Polkadot Decoded conference on June 29-30 a number of ink! talks are scheduled:

Releases 🚢

We released ink! 3.3.0. This release was meant to resolve some issues around semantic versioning incompatibilities which were introduced in the ink! 3.1.0 release. For more details take a look at the release notes.

The Contracts UI has moved from being hosted on GitHub pages and is now available at