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Version: 4.x




ink! is a programming language for smart contracts.
You can use it with blockchains built with the Polkadot SDK.

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What is Parity's ink!?
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Guided Beginners Tutorial
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Migrate to ink! 5.0
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Our Pitch

Inherent safety-guarantees with the Rust programming language.

Ability to use all the normal Rust tooling ‒ clippy,, IDE’s, etc.

Interoperability with Solidity contracts.


Clear migration path for graduating to a parachain.

Established industry standard for the compiler target.

Native to Polkadot. Complements your Substrate parachain perfectly.

Where can I deploy ink! contracts?


Smart Contract Examples

Our "Hello, World!".
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An ERC-20 implementation.
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An upgradeable contract.
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A multi-signature wallet.
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Allow runtime access.
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Wallet Support

Contract InteractionsTokens (PSP-22)NFTs (PSP-34)