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ink! x OpenZeppelin 🔏

ink! OpenZeppelin

Late last year, the Polkadot council approved a treasury proposal funding OpenZeppelin's review and audit of ink! and the Contracts pallet.

The tl;dr here is that OpenZeppelin will be taking a look at ink! as a language and will give some recommendations for how to make the language safer.

The on-chain proposal was supported by the Polkadot ecosystem teams Astar Network, Bit.Country, OpenBrush, t3rn, Pendulum Network, Phala Network and Watr. All of these already have – or are planning to have – the Contracts pallet that supports ink! enabled on their runtime.

The OpenZeppelin audit is intended to make ink! even more secure and user-friendly for developers than it already is. In addition, OpenZeppelin will provide feedback on security issues as well as on common security pitfalls that Solidity cannot improve, but that ink! can.

The engagement with OpenZeppelin started in January. We're super happy about this and will share more as we go along!

ink! sessions from sub0 are online 📺️

sub0 is a conference for developers building at every level of the Polkadot tech stack: from custom layer-1 blockchains to dApps & smart contracts, infrastructure, tooling, cross-chain interoperability solutions, and more.

In November 2022, sub0 was taking place in Lisbon and two ink! sessions were part of the program. The recordings are now available on YouTube:

Treasury Proposal 💰

A Polkadot treasury proposal that aims to encourage and promote the adoption and development of WebAssembly smart contracts on Polkadot parachains is up for vote!

The proposal was proposed by a coalition of ecosystem teams with the goal of creating audited ink! and ask! smart contract showcases and an incubation program.

You can vote for the proposal here.