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Version: 4.x

Connect Wallet

A user must first grant permission in a browser wallet extension for your dApp before it can read account information or request a signature for a transaction. useWallet() gives you everything you need to do this. useAllWallets() returns a list of supported extensions so that you can let the user choose which wallet they would like to connect. e.g. Talisman, PolkadotJS, Subwallet, etc.


import { useWallet, useAllWallets } from 'useink';

export const ConnectWallet = ({ children }) => {
const { account, connect, disconnect } = useWallet()
const wallets = useAllWallets();

if (!account) {
return (
{ => (
<li key={w.title}>
{w.installed ? (
<button onClick={() => connect(w.extensionName)}>
<img src={w.logo.src} alt={w.logo.alt} />
Connect to {w.title}
) : (
<a href={w.installUrl}>
<img src={w.logo.src} alt={w.logo.alt} />
Install {w.title}

return (
<p>You are connected as {account?.name || account.address}</p>

<button onClick={disconnect}>
Disconnect Wallet

After a wallet has been connected any changes made in permissions in the wallet will automatically update in the React application. useWallet has many more features including tools for switching between accounts. You can learn more about useWallet here.