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Version: 4.x

Getting Started with useink/utils

useink/utils is an extension of useink that provides general utility functions for formatting balances, working with Big Numbers and decimals, converting data types (e.g. hex to string), and more. useink/utils currently exports @polkadot/utils, but we will be adding new utility functions in the future.


You must first install useink. Then you can import utils with import * as U from 'useink/utils'.

See @polkadot/utils for a list of all utility functions.

Configure tsconfig.json

You must set moduleResolution to nodenext or bundler inside of your tsconfig.json. This feature allows your application to discover the useink/utils import paths defined in the useink package.json.

"compilerOptions": {
"moduleResolution": "nodenext", // or `bundler`

Add <NotificationProvider />