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Version: 5.x

ink!athon dApp Boilerplate

ink!athon is a starter kit for full-stack dApp development with ink! smart contracts and a React-based frontend in one place. With convenient helper scripts and a pre-configured project setup, it lets you scaffold any dApp quickly. It's developed by the same team that is behind AZERO.ID, where this boilerplate is used in production.

Getting started

Workshop Video

Get a quickstart into the boilerplate with this talk recording by Dennis Zoma at the sub0 Developer Conference in Lisbon 2023: Start Building dApps on ink! (46 min).

inkathon Workshop Video Preview Image


The starter kit is set up as a monorepo with two packages.

  • packages/contracts: ink! smart contracts with:
    • Greeter example contract
    • shorthand build & deploy scripts that export metadata and contract addresses
    • pre-configured substrate-contracts-node
    • extensible JS/TS scripts/ setup
  • packages/frontend: Next.js frontend with:
    • polkadot-js/api & scio-labs/use-inkathon dependencies
    • pre-configured to import deployments & addresses from above
    • styling with tailwindcss and/or chakra-ui
    • components for balance checking, wallet connection, network information, and sample contract interaction

inkathon Architecture Diagram

Community & Support

Telegram Group

Jointhe conversation