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Version: 5.x

Applicable to ink! messages.

Allows receiving value as part of the call of the ink! message. ink! constructors are implicitly payable, due to the initial endowment which a contract requires.

An ink! message by default will reject calls that additional fund the smart contract. Authors of ink! smart contracts can make an ink! message payable by adding the payable flag to it. An example below:

Note that ink! constructors are always implicitly payable and thus cannot be flagged as such.

mod flipper {

pub struct Flipper {
value: bool,

impl Flipper {
pub fn new(initial_value: bool) -> Self {
Flipper { value: false }

/// Flips the current value.
#[ink(payable)] // You can either specify payable out-of-line.
pub fn flip(&mut self) {
self.value = !self.value;

/// Returns the current value.
#[ink(message, payable)] // or specify payable inline.
pub fn get(&self) -> bool {


#[ink(message, payable)]
pub fn pay_me(&self) {
let _transferred = self.env().transferred_value();

See the examples/contract-transfer contract for a more extensive example.