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Version: 4.x

ink! 4.0 + cargo-contract 2.0 released! 🥳

This is a biggie. We've released new major versions of ink! and cargo-contract. You can find more information in our announcement blog post.

In order to update your local cargo-contract installation you just have to execute cargo install cargo-contract --force.

In order to update ink!, you can take a look at our migration guide.

Buenos Aires 🇦🇷

Some people from our team spent a couple of weeks in Buenos Aires.

Polkadot Blockchain Academy

We gave a number of lectures on general smart contract concepts, pallet-contracts and ink! as part of the Polkadot Blockchain Academy.

Spanish ink! Meetup

Met up with Open Zeppelin

We met up with OpenZeppelin, as part of our Polkadot treasury engagement with them.

Berlin Meetup 🇩🇪

There was an ink! meetup in Berlin, at Full Node! And it was not organized by us! Here's the page.

The meetup was organized by Scio-Labs and Aleph Zero. There were maybe 15 people there. Amazing!

Scio-Labs has created two ink! related projects:

  • useInkathon: React Hooks library abstracting functionality of polkadot.js for working with ink! contracts.
  • INK!athon: Full-stack dApp boilerplate generator for ink! contracts + a React frontend using the useInkathon hooks library.